About brand

For the past fifteen years “S.irena” fashion studio has pleased their customers by making unique leather and fur goods. The talented personnel headed by designer Irina Miroshnichenko regularly update basic collections and models created in accordance with tailor-made sketches.

The latest advances in sewing technology and unique painstaking manual work make it possible to produce high quality goods. Fur coats, jackets, manteaus and waistcoats made by «S.irena» are distinct in their ideal fit, exact silhouette and peculiar design.

Particular attention is paid to bespoke tailoring. Clothes made in single quantities are undated, they are always in fashion season by season and they are the quintessence of style. It is not just another fur coat or leather jacket in your wardrobe; it is really your "own" item, which becomes a treasured one at the very stage of its creation, because you, as a customer, actively participate in this action. The comprehensive dialogue with a designer, a meticulous material selection, a choice of a suitable cut, revealing the basic style, several additional fittings result in a piece of clothes which fits like a glove and which is made specially for you. Such clothes have a certain charm and give you confidence.

Nothing restricts a customer’s imagination. The team of experienced professionals is glad to experiment combining new leather types, changing textures, colours and accessories. The wide range of materials supplied by the best world manufactures is able to satisfy even the most demanding aesthete. The catalogues include brand-new designs of leather and fur goods as well as designs that have already become classics. Mink, chinchilla, polar fox, coyote, beaver, raccoon and fox, as well as suede, patent, velour and other leather types assume the most exquisite and luxurious shapes in the hands of seamstresses working in the studio.

«S.irena» fashion studio is a highly responsible approach to the matter, the demand in the field and recognition in the world arena of fur fashion.

We strive to make your item unique, extravagant and trendy. We help people to express their individuality, realize their creative ideas, and enhance their beauty. People should make a good impression, look strong and smart, expressing their individuality, but not remain faceless.

We know what the essential of making clothes means - clothes must function, “work” with your body together. Clothing must help to express yourself!

Fashion today is the art of combinations.

A woman’s right is to combine, compliment and wear clothes in the way she likes!